Good day folks, with all that is occurring in the world and the uncertainty, it’s busy season for the scammers as they are relying on your scarcity emotions. 

SCAMMER Mindset 

We have all those people out there wondering how they’ll make rent or buy groceries, so sad actually. 

Yet they literally go phishing for targets through platforms such as Instagram, screen shot shown is a conversation I was involved in just the other night. Now knowing my friend and there knowledge in the Bitcoin market, I stood my ground on the conversation.


Then I asked my friend via text message if they were on Instagram, with a reply of no. Her account was hacked and I was chatting with the scammer. Oh how I wish I could reach through the screen and grab them 😡.

So should you receive promise’s of riches in times like these, be very weary of the promises.

1. Don’t send or give anyone like this money or BTC.

2. Before investing in crypto currency’s educate yourself, they are real and it isn’t that difficult to understand. 

3. If your receiving messages like this and it will appear that it’s coming from a friend, beware.

Friendships are strong and these folks can be very misleading, you have to understand they can view all of your communications, that you’ve had.

4. Report them immediately!

5. They are not only trying to steal your hard earned money, they just stole your identity. They can completely blemish your online presence!

Instagram Scam Attempt