We have all heard that our countries are in a state of change, but what does this mean for you? It means more restrictions on your freedoms. For example, recent mandates by the governments are restricting your ability to make choices about how you want to live your life. You can’t choose who you love or where you work anymore without fear from having to subject yourself to taking a vaccine that is expermental. This isn’t right! And these changes keep coming at us faster than we can keep up with them! What kind of world are we living in now?

Solution: Define Freedom for yourself possibly!

Don't let others tell you how to live, think or feel - be free! This comes with many set backs and heart break, family break up, marital discourse, loosing friends. Are our leaders breaking us down even further, it used to be family was stronger together. Being raised in a broken family, my awareness has grown, was womens liberation instilled into the family unit to break the family down or was it to generate more tax dollars? No disrespect intended ladies.

Is this truly the answer to a healthy society, myself personnally I think not, what Common Sense approach can bring humanity back together, that is the true question?