Harrison Jr. is no stranger to a bold red carpet look, however. Working with his stylist Michael Fisher, the actor has regularly stepped out in head-turning looks by the likes of Gucci and Burberry, while also attending this year’s Met Gala with the rest of the Elvis cast in a custom look by Prada bedecked with colored stones for a touch of rock ‘n’ roll bling. “I think I always approach it by asking the question, what story do I want to tell?” Harrison Jr. says of his style philosophy. “As that’s the only thing I really know how to do, as an actor. I’m still learning about this whole fashion world but I’m really fascinated by it, even though I think it probably goes over my head sometimes.”

Next up, Harrison Jr. will be playing the Creole musician Chevalier de Saint-Georges who rose to prominence in the 18th-century French court, a young Scar in Barry Jenkins’s upcoming The Lion King sequel, and Jean-Michel Basquiat in a new biopic of the artist directed by Julius Onah. Having stepped into the shoes of a wide array of cultural icons over the past few years, does Harrison Jr. ever find their distinctive style rubs off on his own, even when the cameras stop rolling? “I’m really into the whole streetwear thing now, especially because I’m preparing for Basquiat,” he says. “I just have a big collage of him all over the wall in my apartment, so I’m constantly looking at the stuff he was pulling together—I’ll go thrifting or mix and match and see what my version of that is. All my characters and I, we all support each other!”

Still, for Harrison Jr., that style inspiration can come from anywhere—even his favorite cartoons. “I might be feeling inspired by Lenny Kravitz that day, or Prince, or maybe I’ve just done a period piece so I want to wear a shirt with a really big bow on the neck, or maybe I want a big double-breasted jacket because I just watched Malcolm X,” he says. “Or maybe I just want to look like I’m in Looney Tunes! It’s just a constant flow and exploration to find that fun in fashion.” 

Here, see Harrison Jr. find plenty of fun in fashion as he gets ready for the latest Kenzo show.