This holiday is rooted in an ancient Roman festival, but it didn't become associated with romantic love until Chaucer wrote about courtly love around 1380. In 1537, England declared February 14 as St. Valentine's Day and started sending Valentine cards. By the 1800s, people were exchanging handmade valentines that featured cupids and hearts. Today we send more than 150 million cards each year!


This special day has been around for many years, yet this day is more unique to many across Canada, as it has become a true unity of Love for a country and freedom. The truckers have struck out in many eyes to open a love that had been lost. We all get caught up in our daily lives and truly forget the love we share between each other and most importantly a love for our freedom that sometimes is taken for granted. With COVID, our lives have been turned upside down, through the various restrictions implemented onto each of us.  One can honestly state there is much to be grateful for the pushing of the government to flatten the curve, through the numerous lock downs and restrictions put on us as a global population.


The true beauty of the virus, with the government trying to control something that they can’t really control and through their trying have pushed our global communities and society to a loving protest of fighting for our freedoms as layed out in the Canadian Bill of Rights (1960).


We here a Common Sense Factor are throwing out a loving Valentines Day challenge, to all who wish to share their COVID story!